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Rosko John


Welcome to the official website for vocalist & producer

rosko john.

The new solo album ‘Call to arms’ is now available to purchase digitally worldwide from itunes here:

As well as most other well known online outlets.

The CD is available to buy exclusively from the shop section of this website:

2 new videos for ‘CALL TO ARMS’ and ‘MARCH FORTH’ below:

Rosko John is one of the founding members of the Archive Collective.
Londinium (Island Records) & Controlling Crowds: Pts I-IV (Warners France).

‘The Tactical light EP’ (February 2014) is also available from itunes and most online digital outlets.

The EP features 2 tracks from the album, Plus 2 remixes of each track by Aetoms, Afternaut, Dreams 2.5 & One Lion.

For any enquiries please email