The two most powerful warriors are patience and time – Tolstoy.

Happy new(ish) year to you all. The best intention of a ‘regular’ blog obviously still needs tweaking. I’ll endeavour to work on it.

So, here on the eve of the official release of my debut solo album. I’m feeling excited and still VERY pleased to have finished what I started quite some time ago.

However, the word ‘solo’ obscures the fact that a lot of extremely talented individuals also had a hand in bringing this album into being.

Credit where credit is due…

Everybody down at the Dairy Studios in Brixton somewhere along the line lent me a helping hand.

Mark & Mary the owners have created a wonderful creative space down there, filled with an extremely talented and gifted collection of characters. Ever since I recorded Controlling Crowds there with Archive, I’ve regularly passed by for one reason or another.

All the people who are involved or work there are always willing to share technical advice and assistance. The lion’s share of the album was put together there.

So Long live the Dairy and everyone in it!

There also the vocalists/producers on the album: Roya, K-leah, Sara, Oli, Mahdyar, Ben, James & Nick.

And my young old friend Julian ArtJaz, who contributed an amazing piece of artwork for the CD. And Fiona and Chris for the top drawer videos. And last but not least, Zelda for this website!

It is at this point that I tell myself ‘Calm down mate, it’s not like you’ve won a friggin oscar!’.. but still, these kind folk do need a mention.

It’s just turned 11PM, which means in my timezone there is 1 hour until CALL TO ARMS is actually going to be out there. I have actually had the physical CD’s available to purchase through the online shop on this website. A big thank you to all of you who shelled out your hard earned bread and bought it. (What austerity?)

I will be providing all lyrics for all songs very soon..

I have been spending my evenings mostly trying to let as many people know that this album is coming out and I will continue to do so, even after it comes out. I will now turn my attention slightly, towards trying to figure out how to bring this to the stage…

Word of mouth…a whisper to a shout.

Wishing you all the best of it for 2015

Rosko x